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Private Classes

Everything from Bridal Showers, Dates, Team Offsite, and Girls Nights.

Each time you shows up to the easel, you will see your final work improve in small ways by applying a certain brush stroke or mixing of colors to get the perfect hue! 

Drinks are an added bonus (helping people shake insecurities around their amateur art skills). Embrace your inner artist or just have a fun and relaxing evening with a group!

CELEBRATIONS.  FUNDRAISERS.  TEAM BUILDING. Step-by-step guidance in creating the party’s masterpiece. Participants do not need prior painting experience.

Individual Painting: Each painter can follow along on their canvas and replicate the painting demonstrated by the instructor.

Round Robin Painting: Perfect for Team Building - The team is instructed to start painting. They have 5-10 minutes to make a start on it and then asked to move to their right to the next person’s canvas. They then have 5-10 minutes on each person’s canvas. The activity is complete when they get back around to their painting and everyone has contributed to each canvas.

TRUTHS: Painting parties start at ($35 or list price) per person. Parties require a minimum of 6 painters or $200. Traveling over 20 minutes requires a minimum of 12 painters or $400. Online payment ($35) is required to reserve your seat. All classes require a minimum of 6 and max of 12 students. In the case of a CLASS cancellation by Caitlin you will be notified 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund. To receive a credit, you must cancel 48 hours before class/event.

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