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Finishing Touches By Caitlin Krumm

Finishing Touches features accessories to complete your look for both your outfit and your home. Part boutique, part gallery space; Finishing Touches is local shopping with a twist.

At Finishing Touches, shop artwork by Caitlin Krumm, such as her unique abstract acrylic paintings or her popular Trendy Buffalo prints. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a friend, Finishing Touches’ collection will wrap up any look. Select clothing with a focus on accessories – scarves, hats, earrings, and more are all priced right.

Each item for sale has been handpicked or created with the hope that it will help you feel inspired and bring a little finishing touch to your home or outfit.


Caitlin Krumm: Signature Artist Level 10 Oishei Children's Hospital

"Time spent in a hospital can be frightening and intimidating for anyone, but as a child, the fear is only heightened.

I can still recall childhood memories from my brother Kyle’s experience during his time spent at Children’s Hospital. His stay in the hospital felt excruciatingly extensive, although neither of us can remember how long he actually spent there. The hospital itself felt unwelcoming; nothing about it was comforting. The atmosphere enhanced the difficulties that came along with seeing the guy I looked up to in so much pain while sitting in the hospital bed.

Hospital stays like Kyle’s are what helped create the vision of the Oishei Healing Arts Initiative: to provide pediatric patients and families a physical, mental, and emotional healing experience through integrated cultural collaboration and programming at the Oishei Children’s Hospital. 

As an artist, this vision, inspired me. As the “Initiative” grows the thought that my “Trendy Buffalo” art could impact a child and their family during a difficult time in their lives is priceless to me."

Shop for a cause by ordering my new “Life Is Better With Art” top. A portion of proceeds from each top are donated back to the OCH Healing Art Program, and in turn benefits the experience of the tiny patients of Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Discover the artist within you and healing benefits of art firsthand by taking Abstract Painting 101 at Finishing Touches by Caitlin Krumm.

The vision of the Oishei Healing Arts Program is to provide pediatric patients and families a physical, mental and emotional healing experience through integrated cultural collaboration and programming at the Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Designated as a signature artist for the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital, part 1 of the Healing Art Incentive, now Program.

The Healing Art Incentive gathered a group of local artists and designated them each a floor in the new hospital, Krumm being on level 10. These local artists donated a variety of art pieces to help uniquely decorate the halls of their own levels.

Level 10 Medical/Surgical Unit • Sports Theme Floor • Featuring (4) 24x36 Sport themed Trendy Buffalos.

(3) original 30x40 male/female doctor and male nurse holding baby, themed Trendy Buffalos also donated and located in the lobby.


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Part of the total retail profit will go to Oishei Children;s Hospital Healing Arts Program: It’s a win-win.