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Healing Arts Phase II

Transform Lives with Art – Sponsorship Opportunity for Healing Arts Phase II

Introducing Healing Arts Phase II: Oishei Children's Hospital (OCH) is excited to announce the launch of Healing Arts Phase II, building on our commitment to enhance the healing environment through cultural collaboration and the power of art. The program is designed to provide pediatric patients and their families much-needed solace and inspiration during their healthcare journey.

Your Sponsorship Impact: Research and statistics consistently highlight the benefits of integrating arts into healthcare settings, showing significant improvements in patient health outcomes, reduced anxiety, and minimized perception of pain. We believe that such positive impacts are critical, particularly in the formative years of pediatric patients.

16 pieces of art my have been selected for Healing Arts Phase II pediatric outpatient clinics under OCH’s oversight. These artworks aim to brighten clinic spaces, offering comfort and joy to children and families during challenging times. Each sponsorship is valued at $300. Learn more and sponsor here.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of the children and families. Your donation aims to effectively communicate the value and impact of the Healing Arts Phase II program, seeking to inspire potential sponsors to contribute and become part of this enriching initiative.